Forcing yourself to write

I’ll have my snacks ready. I’ll settle comfortably into my chair. There’ll be no noise in the house and no one’s demanding my attention.

But the creative juices still won’t flow.


That’s not usually the case, but it does happen.

The emotional tone and subject matter of a story influence how ‘readily writable’ a story is. Think Frankenstein vs. Pride and Prejudice; the first follows a determinedly dark, heavy feel, whereas the latter employs a wider, lighter range of moods and emotions.

Depending on an author’s personality and emotional state, one of these would be easier to write than the other.


I’m always in the mood for creative writing but not always in the mood to deal with every subject and emotion. My stories tend to vary in emotionality and I strive for tonal balance whenever possible.

It would take me a ridiculously long time to write a story that was perpetually dark and heavy like Frankenstein. Building up that much brooding would take a while!

For things like that, I have to wait for organic processes and the right strikes of energy.


The most satisfying work flows from emotional conviction. It’s a natural process which is difficult to mechanically induce. Pushing yourself too hard just results in unsatisfying, substandard work.

That’s why I never force myself to write.

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