Post-Book-Release Thoughts

Some thoughts I’ve been having ever since hitting publish on “Toilets In Pakistan”:

  • I’ve always seen other writers discussing how mean comments put them down, making them leave social media. Stephanie Meyer is one example: She actually shut down her Twitter and never returned after haters came her way. I used to think it was silly to let haters get to you like that. However, as I step into my author shoes for the first time, I’m beginning to understand what it’s like to be on the other end. And that’s before anything super negative has even come my way. I didn’t think I would be that person who would fear negativity, but I’m learning that maybe we’re all that person. Maybe none of us start off as strong as we think we are, and instead have to develop that strength and courage as we go forward.


  • Poetry is a touchy subject:  Everyone and their grandma has an opinion on what REAL poetry is. People are quick to dismiss your prose or poetic style as “not real poetry” when it’s short and isn’t embellished with metaphors and other literary devices. But the meaning of poetry has evolved; the modern definition of poetry encompasses a wider variety of styles than the traditional sense. However, I think that’s only in English. Other languages such as Urdu still adhere to strict, traditional styles of poetry, and free verse etc. are not recognized or accepted as “real” poetry.


  • Come to think of it, Urdu in and of itself is an extremely emotional, evocative, and poetic language, which is why the standards of what they consider to be poetry is much higher, whereas English is a robotic, cold language focused purely on function, so it’s understandable why the definition of poetry is changing.


  • Traditional poetry is extremely valuable as a form of expression and practicing critical thinking. Modern poetry has its value in being straightforward and more accessible; it’s easier for more people to understand and relate to.


Overall, I’ve learned a lot from this debut and am still learning. As I settle my nerves and finish up with promotional tasks, I’ll close the chapter for “Toilets In Pakistan” and finally move onto my next project.

Excited to see where things go 🙂

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