3 Best YA Series You’ve Never Heard Of


These series are amazing, but I’ve never heard anyone mention them. HENCE:


TRUANCY by Isamu Fukui

Genre: rebellion, dystopian, adventure, school sucks

The premise: A city is being dictated by school educators, and some kids ain’t happy ’bout it.

Personal notes: This series is close to my heart. I was lazily skimming through the local library (while skipping school) and happened to see a copy of Truancy. I liked the cover and picked it up.

I instantly fell in love with everything about this story, but one thing which stood out prominently was Fukui’s concise, balanced writing style. No fancy words, long-winded descriptions, or useless commentary. Maybe that’s partly why this story feels like it’s supposed to be an anime or manga. The storytelling reminded me so much of anime, and I loved that feeling. The series even managed to get better and better with each book. I binge-read each installment.

Fun facts:

  • Fukui was ONLY FREAKING 15 when he wrote “Truancy”
  • I followed the original releases. There used to be a website dedicated to the series, however it’s no longer up and the author has no official social media or contact. I really want to write fan mail but it’s impossible to get a hold of this guy.
  • Fukui went to some super prestigious, strict private high school, which I think inspired the story LOL
  • Ironically, I was skipping high school like no one’s business when I ran into this series.



THE TRAVELER by John Twelve Hawks

Genre: thriller, adventure, mystery, trying-to-escape-an-organization

The premise: This chick from an ancient bodyguard group is trying to protect two brothers being tracked by a mysterious, powerful organization.

Personal notes: This is the most original, unique series I’ve ever read. I haven’t done the premise justice because I don’t want to spoil too much. There is such a diverse, authentic cast of characters and representation of different backgrounds. The plot NEVER gets boring or predictable. The story is thrilling and thought-provoking. You’re emotionally invested in every character you meet. I still can’t believe this series exists. It’s that amazing. I can’t wait to re-read it.


Quarantine books.png

QUARANTINE by Lex Thomas

Genre: action, post-apocalypse, stuck-in-a-building, virus-breakout

The premise: An apocalyptic virus strikes without warning, and an entire high school is suddenly quarantined with the kids still inside it (and it’s the first day of school, LOL). The virus instantly kills all the adults. Cue anarchy and total lawlessness.

Personal notes: This story is pure action and thrill. There’s no grand lesson or anything. It’s just a dramatic, crazy ride watching these kids form alliances and groups to survive the quarantine. This is another book I can thank the local library for, as I came across it while browsing. Was a binge-read with superbly-written action sequences. It’s the kinda story you imagine yourself inside of, wondering what you’d do.

Fun facts:

  • This book actually has two authors who write under the combined pen name of Lex Thomas.
  • There was a fourth installment, a sequel moreso, recently released which takes place after the main events of the series. I don’t think I’m going to end up reading it, though, because the setting and premise is entirely different from the main three books.

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