Sridevi’s Stunning Performance & What the Film Industry Can Learn From “Mom”

I almost never turn on my home television. In fact, the only time I’ve ever turned it on is for my husband or grandma. I have movie streaming services on my laptop, too, but I almost never use them (they were a gift). I literally just don’t have the time or will these days to sit down and invest more than a few minutes in watching videos.

So when my cousin came over and started watching “Mom”, I naturally ignored the TV screen at first as I reorganized the pantry. The house was absolute trash that night. TRASH. It was one of those days where you just take everything out of the drawers and go on a sudden reorganization haul. However, only a few minutes into the movie, and I suddenly found myself next to my cousin on the sofa, glued to the screen.


This movie blew my socks off, ESPECIALLY considering that it’s a Bollywood movie. I could give harsh comments on some minor plot holes, but people, it’s a Bollywood movie, so ima cut it some slack.

Here’s what I loved:

  • Sridevi’s performance, because OMG. Just OMG. That’s all I have to say. If I had been watching this alone, I would’ve broken down in tears. Her acting was so raw, genuine, and believable that I almost forgot she was acting (and I did forget I was watching a Bollywood movie!). It was extremely realistic. This was Sridevi’s final film before she passed away, and damn, did she go out with a bang. She even won best actress in India for her role in this film.
  • The production & direction were awesome & beautifully cinematic.
  • NO GRATUITOUS SEXUALITY & NUDITY were employed! That’s honestly what I loved the most about this movie. Even though it’s about sexual abuse, and such a severe form of it, the movie is family-friendly (except for a split second scene in the start where Arya gets an unwanted sexual video message). The way they shot the attack, with the ominous music playing in the background as the car drove around, damn. I loved that directional choice. It was haunting, it was horrific, and you felt the terrifying nature of what was happening without having unnecessary sexual scenes blasted in your face. You don’t have to show horrifying and disgusting sex and nude scenes to communicate the severity of rape and sexual abuse.

{Side note: It was something like 2AM when I finished the movie, and my house was still totally trashed. I was so tired, my eyes were literally gluing themselves shut and my back had just had enough, but I slaved away until 6AM and got my place cleaned and sorted :B.}

Overall, “Mom” is a breath of fresh air in an industry laden with gratuitous, inappropriate content surrounding the subject of sexual abuse. I highly recommend it for anyone seeking a crime, revenge, or light suspense movie, or just a gripping movie with a well-balanced plot and stellar acting. 



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